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Amarr Doors
The horizontal sections that make up a garage door can be joined together in a number of different ways. The most common are tongue and groove joints and ship-lap joints. All Amarr steel doors feature state of the art pinch resistant, tongue and groove joints which help prevent hand and finger injuries and provide superior protection from the elements by sealing the gaps between the sections more tightly than ship-lap joints. Tongue and groove joints also offer more stability and wind resistance, making the door stronger through the years.

On the bottom of our WeatherGuard and WeatherGuard plus doors we utilize a aluminum retainer and u-shaped vinyl astragal. On the bottom of our new Heritage with DuraSafe and our Stratford with DuraSafe we are using a steel retainer that snaps in, so it is easier to change from one section to another. It is also dent resistant.This system features a bulb-shaped vinyl astragal.

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AURORA DOOR SERVICE LTD. offers full service for all types of residential doors. Whether the application is Sectional Doors, Electric Operators, Radio Controls and Special Application Doors. We will execute "turn-key" service in a timely fashion with no hidden costs. Trained to administer quality service in both installation and service. We offer Same Day as well as Emergency Service for a small additional charge.


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