Enjoy the freedom of being able to take your morning jog or walk the dog without carrying keys or remotes. The only key you'll need is in your head.

Easy to Use and Convenient
Simply enter the code, and keypads usually stay disarmed for a short time after a correct code is entered, to allow you to stop or reverse the garage door with one keystroke. Backlighting allows convenient operation in the dark and a flip-up covers provide weather protection.
Compact Design
These wall mounted entry systems generally have a small footprint and a depth of sometimes as small as .5 inches.
To prevent someone from trying to guess your code, the keypads usually shut off after wrong key codes have been entered. Furthermore, the signals transmitted from the keypad to the control unit is coded. Cutting or shorting the wires from the keypad will not open the door.



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Lift-Master - 976LM

With Security+ anti-burglary technology

Open/close your garage door without a remote or keys

Completely wireless

Temporary password option enables friends or service people to enter your house without giving them your personal code

Chamberlain - CLK1

Work with up to 80-percent of the garage door openers in the market today

Universal wireless keypad mounts outside the garage door for coded access without a remote

Uses only three buttons to easily program the unit to your specific opener

Keypad illuminates for nighttime use

Product includes a 1 Year Limited Warranty

Stanley - STAKP

Stanley garage door opener wireless keypad model STAKP, compatible with all Stanley formats

The Stanley wireless keypad is an exterior mounted keypad that functions essentially like a remote

310 Mhz frequency, compatible with Stanley Digital (dip switches) products and with the Stanley SecureCode format(uses a "smart" button for coding)

Convenient keyless entry system installs in seconds (just 2 screws)

Back lit keypad for night time use, weather proof

One year manufacturer warranty


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