There are three main
types of openers.

Chain drive mechanism:
By far the most popular and affordable opening device. This model uses a chain to move the door.
Screw drive mechanism: This slow-moving design relies on a long threaded bar to open the door.
Belt drive mechanism: Considered the quietest and most expensive opening device. This design uses rubber belts to open the door.
The latest garage door opener safety features include automatic reversing action sensors and infrared beams to stop the garage door's downward movement should something get in the way. To keep thieves from stealing your transmission code, many openers feature technology that sends a different signal each time you use the opener.



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Lift-Master's belt drive system is quiet as a whisper and tough as a steel-belted tire. Count on smooth-running power and reliability year after year, as our high-strength polyurethane belt is reinforced with sturdy, flexible steel cords that resist the flexing and tensioning of day-in, day-out opener cycling.
Wayne Dalton
Wayne-Dalton's idrive opener completely redefines how homeowners interact with their garage. It's not just an opener with some fancy new bells and whistles. It's a complete redesign of how an opener works with your garage door. By connecting directly to the TorqueMaster spring tube, it actually becomes part of the garage door, turning it into a true door and opener system that works together hand-in-hand (for torsion spring operated doors, the opener connects to the torsion bar).

Genie - Excelerator!

Opens Twice As Fast: Allows quicker garage entry and exit, adds peace of mind at night. Eliminates aggravating waits. Opens twice as fast; closes at normal speed.

Super quiet operation: Ideal for use near living areas and bedrooms. Excelerator? is the quietest Genie screw drive available.

Bright, wider angle lighting: Makes getting around in garage safer and easier. Two 60 watt bulbs provide optimal lighting where it's needed.

All weather performance: Superior hot and cold weather performance, even operates smoothly and quietly at -25oF (-32oC)

More powerful motor design: Easily opens large sized doors.

Flush mount design: Ideal for low clearance applications, can be installed against ceiling.

AURORA DOOR SERVICE LTD. offers full service for all types of residential doors. Whether the application is Sectional Doors, Electric Operators, Radio Controls and Special Application Doors. We will execute "turn-key" service in a timely fashion with no hidden costs. Trained to administer quality service in both installation and service. We offer Same Day as well as Emergency Service for a small additional charge.


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